Having had quite some history in the development of sound driver for BeOS, the huge success of the YMF754 let me switch to something even more demanding: the development of a driver for a pro audio card.
The DSP24 chipset offered some interesting features already. In combination with an audio interface box, you could directly connect several MIDI devices and your complete audio gear.
  1.     24-bit resolution
  2.     Sampling rates up to 96 kHz
  3.     10 input & 10 output channels in total
  4.     20 channel internal mixer with 36 bit resolution
  5.     analog monitor out (16 bit/48kHz)
  6.     digital audio daughter board (Optical, Coaxial, AES/EBU or S/PDIF in/out)
  7.     internal Audio Input: CD-In (analog & digital), AUX-In
  8.     external Line-In/Out, Mic
This ‘Easter Project 2001’ was made available to beta testers in May 2001, shortly after MIDI support was added. Due to the unfinished multi-audio support in BeOS R5, one of the driver’s main features, multi-audio recording, was never completely implemented. Consumer playback and recording was working, though.
I invested a little work to help the Linux guys fix their interface problems with the ADC&DAC2000 unit. If you want to use your DSP24-based soundcard along with the external audio box, you have to switch the OS...
This version will work under BeOS R5 (multi-audio recording disabled)